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CameraHead Media exists to strengthen your brand’s identity through the power of video, motion and print advertising. We help generate the leverage you need to rise above your competitors, forging a niche in your business’ industry that only you can fill. Whether it be brainstorming a concept, writing a memorable script, framing that perfect shot, or creating an impeccable sound design, our fervor and devotion to excellent work is unwavering. There is no “extra mile” too long when it comes to your project—we’ll work into the wee hours of night, rise before the sun, or sit down on a Saturday just to add the final details to your winning piece. Our work ethic encompasses the energy, expertise, and strength that our own brand stands for in every project we take on.

Don’t let the fancy words label us as mind-numbing. Because in all reality, we walk this great, round ball we call Earth with an unshakeable permagrin. To put it simply, we’re just a humbled group of highly skilled individuals who bring excitement, energy, and a true love of life to the job—each and every day. At CameraHead Media, our projects and attitude reflect the following:

  • We Listen - Your voice is imperative to our work. This is your vision—we’re just here to give it a heartbeat and watch as it comes to life.
  • We Definrising e Your Industry - Knowing and understanding your competition is the key to above them. We know this, and careful consideration takes place when it comes to developing your projects. We’re here to make you the best at what you do.
  • We Create - Harnessing our creative energy means amazing ideas will flow—and with amazing ideas, remarkable results are sure to follow.
  • We Have Affordable Solutions - We carefully choreograph and formulate your project to fit your budget—we want to help you.
  • We Build Relationships - We were built on referrals, and we want to keep it that way. We back our brand with the promise of quality and excellence.



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At CameraHead Media, we have a thirst to open our minds and be different. Because that’s the kind of mantra we follow, and it’s also what our industry demands of us. We’re adapting to our environment, and as a business your advertising and marketing strategies should as well. And when adaptive minds collaborate, originality is born.

The world of advertising is quickly evolving, and marketing strategies have changed in ways that require you to get your message across at a faster rate than ever. Video production is a strategic element that empowers our client’s marketing strategy and brand. CameraHead Media believes that when it comes to advertising and marketing, there are always ways to reimagine a pre-existing idea and raise the bar on your industry’s established standards. Let’s pump even more life into your brand, and secure your business’ place above the competition.

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''We write from such a different perspective. Your effort and passion for creating this unbelievable video is unreal... Your ability to tell the story from that special girl and her family they will NEVER forget it. Your incredible art helped us raise funds for children like her so we can give hope to more children... -Children's Advocacy Project

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How it became

Willie Fowler

As owner and Director of Photography, Willie brings decades of creative style and experience to both camerawork and editing, while holding true to the finer points like budget and schedules. He is vocal in his work, straightforward and with the help of an ever-present bright smile, has a knack for easily connecting with those around him. Traveling for projects has become standard as of late, and while the hours may be long and the roads endless, he craves the experiences that greet him along the way. But when the day comes to an end Willie returns home to his most valuable asset, embracing his youthful persona with plenty of energy to chase his little monsters around the backcountry of Wyoming while spending as much free time as possible with his wife, who acts as his confidant and rock solid stability in his crazy, wonderful life.

Jared Souza

The man in the sky, as our licensed drone aviation specialist with countless hours of flight, Jared is also the ring leader of on-location scheduling. When the stars become bright, he embraces the daunting task of finding enough outlets to plug in an entire army of batteries (he does get help). As if all of this wasn’t enough, Jared is also the co-owner of Turkey Track Outfitters. Did we fail to mention Jared also has a wonderful wife, daughter and new little boy? Sleep’s overrated, right?

Travis See

As our newest asset to Camera Head, Mr. See has a knack for speeding up our lives, that’s a good thing. Travis began making films at a young age. He grew up in the outdoors of Kansas, so naturally his first videos were of his outdoor adventures. They were made using the family camcorder and Windows Movie Maker. The equipment has since been upgraded but the passion and drive to capture the best imagery possible remains. Travis has embraced the challenge of using the multiple layers of film to tell stories. He has found that there are seemingly unlimited subjects beyond the outdoors. He has become a student of the art, studying the latest filming techniques, film theory, and editing and post-production. Travis strives to improve his craft with each film. Travis also owns and operates TravisSee.Com, check him out.

Daniel Carter

As the basis of all larger format aerial flights, Daniel’s the guy that puts us in ideal position to pull off the right shots. Beyond his well-orchestrated aerial capabilities, Daniel also brings a rouged background in sporting experience and is often the talent for fly fishing and upland projects. As owner of True West Aerial, he uses his specialized experience as well as his background in land use and real estate to provide a well-rounded aerial toolbox here at CameraHead. In his spare time, Dan loves to chase the upland game family around the prairies and mountain slopes alongside his German Shorthair friend “Maddie” and the rest of his sporting friends.